Hi Guys,

It's come to my attention that Google has lowered my search rankings 'cus my site isn't "Smartphone Friendly." Who uses those things anyway? Geez. I don't have the time to make multiple versions of the site, so the net result is the site is about to become much more streamlined. It won't look as good on your laptop or tablet, but the content will be much improved.

I'll start with the Honeywell portion of the site (by far the most popular) and work my way to every page on the site. My intention on the Honeywell pages is to start with a fresh Vista-20P panel and build it to a complete system that includes:

  • Multiple Keypads
  • Wired Protection Devices
  • Wireless Protection Devices
  • Keyfobs
  • Sirens
Everything needed in a residential or small commercial system will be covered, including the installation, setup, and operation of the Envisalink Internet Communicator. The Envisalink module provides a no contract, no monthly fee option for remote notification (and operation) of your system. Pretty cool.

New - Envisalink EVL-4 with a Honeywell Vista 20P

You'll start noticing the changes soon, thanks for your time.

Honeywell How-to Pages:

Control Panel and Peripheral Wiring

Initial Power Up Procedure

System Programming

Wireless Device Programming

DSC How-to Pages:

GE  How-to Pages:

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